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Sex-positive" is a shaming term because it implies that women who are less "positive" or enthusiastic about sex (in many cases because of trauma or negative experiences) are "sex-negative." This is no different than conservatives and misogynists accusing women of "frigidity" or of being "prude" for not complying with men’s demands and desires. If you are a feminist, and if you respect women, you need to stop using the term "sex-positive.

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It’s relevant in the context of porn, in which it indicates porn that doesn’t glorify non-consent or “justice” violence.

Also, this is as opposed to the way I recently heard some parents talking about how their kids weren’t allowed to date until after college because sex would “distract” or even “ruin” them.


 Jeff Jones - Orbit oil - 1970


Jeff Jones - Orbit oil - 1970


When you hear this joke about Russell’s paradox, you won’t be able to contain yourself.


Choosing only the left and right options with Apple’s predictive text to make a note.

I just sold an issue of October to Matt Friedberger

He is a nice dude

Intersex babies are not having difficulty with sexual identity or self-image. The parents are, and parental anxiety about the appearance of a child’s genitals should be treated with counseling, not with surgery to the child.
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don’t dress for the cyberpunk dystopia that you have, dress for the cyberpunk dystopia that you want

Rim Jobs on the Moon


by Marty Fresca